Sharing My Work

My brief thoughts on why knowledge should be free and how to share my work.

With rare exception, I believe all knowledge ought to be free. That we have so much knowledge locked behind paywalls or hidden away in company vaults is tragic because it ends up helping so few people, on top of the fact that it may be wastefully "rediscovered" over and over by multiple organizations who seek the same information but no one shares it because of a desire to be competitive. While there's something to be said for protecting against the dissemination of knowledge that can be used for nefarious purposes, and there's much work to be done in terms of determining what is valid knowledge vs. what is not, it's clear that in general preventing the free sharing of knowledge only hinders our growth as a civilization, which is why you'll find that virtually everything I write will be accessible for free.


In principle, I don't really care if my work is attributed to me because what matters is the content of the writing, not who says it. In fact, in earlier versions of this blog I hid my name from posts because I didn't want people to get wrapped up with who I am, what my job title is, what my degrees are, etc. However, there's so much information available these days — more than anyone can reasonably consume, let alone vet oneself — on top of the fact that more and more it must also compete with misinformation... Because of this, it's especially important to have sources of information that people can trust, and the first step towards building that trust is identifying who you are, what your motives are, and how you procure your information, which is part of the reason why I wrote the Foundation Articles and why I now clearly identify myself as the author on my articles (even though it seems a bit redundant given that the very domain of this website is my name...).

Sharing is Caring

If you enjoy my writing and/or find it useful in some way, one of the best things you can do is share it with others. Knowledge is only useful when it is known, which is why it's important to not only not hide knowledge, but also to actively and effectively distribute it. However, should it just be shared completely freely, without any restrictions at all? In an ideal world, perhaps, but in today's world I need to make sure, for example, that people can't just sell copies or slightly modified derivatives of my works, which would defeat the purpose of sharing all knowledge freely. Plus, if anyone is to make money from my writing, shouldn't it be me?

Accordingly, except where otherwise noted all content on this website is licensed under: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. To make it easier for you, at the end of every article on this site you'll find Attribution as well as Cite buttons which will provide everything you need to share and cite correctly.

Thanks for understanding. 🙂