Podcast #9 - How capitalism poisons innovation

Podcast #9 - How capitalism poisons innovation

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(2 months ago)
Capitalism, big tech, innovation: how does it all fit together? Does competition help us build better technology, or is a source of waste and redundancy? How does the government fit in? We talk about all these things and more in our latest episode!

In this episode we talk about what drives innovation at Big Tech companies like Google, we talk about capitalism's incentive (money) and how this combines with individualism to cripple innovation and exacerbate the many problems we see in the world today (such pollution, inequality, poverty, crime, etc.).

Here is a full breakdown for the episode:
00:00 - Introduction
01:11 - What drives innovation in Big Tech
03:15 - The incentive is money, not good products
03:58 - Capitalism promotes and incentivizes individual self-interest
05:11 - Examples of crippled innovation
07:27 - The wastefulness and redundancy of competition
09:41 - Company "perks" actually just benefit the company
11:44 - Uplifting other people is how we best benefit ourselves
12:14 - Capitalism incentivizes money, individualism incentivizes the self
13:45 - How capitalism poisons the gaming industry
18:32 - Why doesn't the government innovate? A problem of trust
21:21 - Governments work in the interest of business
25:14 - Businesses want us consuming in isolation; access vs. ownership
27:43 - The inefficiencies of top-down hierarchies
29:55 - Nurturing empathy is the way to unravel individualism
35:05 - Uplifting other nations is the fastest way towards massive growth
38:11 - Crime is a symptom of inequality and individualism
40:10 - Wrap-up / we need a jingle / subscribe / check out our website and discord

We've also decided that we are going to try to be consistent and publish a new episode every Wednesday at 9am from now on. (Hopefully we can keep that schedule... ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™)

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