The Future We Want

Podcast #8 - Capitalism, economic scarcity, & our lack of global awareness

In this podcast Teresa and I introduce ourselves and the goals of Infinite Love and briefly talk about some of the issues we face in getting towards the flourishing world we all want.
1 min read

The Information War (and adding impromptu content to my outreach platforms)

I'm going to be adding impromptu videos as part of my outreach in an effort to produce more content, engage a wider audience, and most importantly in the hopes that in some small way I can help steer us in a healthier, more sustainable direction.
3 min read

Crime is our failure as a society

Crime is the failure of society to provide the support people need to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. This failure is driven by our implicit acceptance of an exceedingly harmful ideology—one we must understand and shed for the betterment of all.

Lying or hiding information from others to protect them

Lying or hiding information from others to protect them is almost always a bad idea. We see this time and time again in movies, shows, and in our own lives and in all cases we find that this outdated notion always leads to more harm than good.

I'm back in action

After a bit of a break for Christmas and my dad visiting for a few weeks and getting COVID-19 and having to deal with broken utilities, I'm back! I'll be continuing my content as normal. Stay tuned for more updates!
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