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One of the earliest memories I have is of me at six years old sitting in a chair in the corner of a dark hospital room and my brother (a year older) is standing next to me. Near the center of the room my mother is quietly sleeping in bed with fluids going into her arm. The lights are off but the door is slightly ajar, allowing a sharp ray of light from the hallway to pierce the room. At some point a nurse comes in and asks if we want something to eat — I remember I was starving, but for some reason I said no. Perhaps I thought it might get my mom in trouble, because I knew we didn't have any money. My brother said 'yes' though, and got a tuna fish sandwich. And in an act of selflessness I would always remember my brother by, he gave me half.

That was the last time I remember seeing my mother. Though it was an event that surely shaped who I am today, it was perhaps in a more subtle way than you might think. What I am about to tell you is the complete story of my life up to the present day, as best as I can remember it, in consultation with what few records I have and the people I am still able to talk to. It is the story, from my perspective, of how I became exactly the person I am today.

My name is Nathan James Buckley, and this is my story.

Coming Soon!

(Aiming for Spring/Summer 2021)


Building a better future for everyone

At this time, I am focused on just one project: Infinite Love. Infinite Love is my philosophy that everyone has an infinite capacity for empathy within them, that with the right understanding one can grow to have compassion and respect for anyone and everyone. It is a movement; a vehicle for change; a promise. My immediate goals are to organize, lead, and execute the vision for the entire project, on top of researching into and writing about the various issues we want to address.

This is just the beginning and there is much to be done. For more information and to learn how you can contribute, visit infinite.love.


The best way to contact me is through email or Discord , but you can also connect with me on any of the various social media platforms below (I might be slow at responding on some of them though! 😛).

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